Stuhr CMC offers:

Practical, client-centric project, contract and

claims management consultancy

Our approach to projects

and contracts is and always has

been hands-on

Project and contract management is what we are all about. Projects should never be allowed to run away with company managements. And processes – and the economy – should never be derailed by a lack of clarity. Stuhr CMC helps company managements maintain a clear overview or to regain a grip on any projects that have got out of hand. We act as both troubleshooters and ‘pilots’, helping to ensure that projects stay right on course. Not as captains or officers, but on the sideline and based on our extensive experience gained through working with project, contract and claims management around the world.


Stuhr CMC helps to manage all and any aspects and elements requiring specialist knowledge which clients themselves do not possess. Without interfering with what clients themselves do best. Double work means double costs, and both are equally pointless.

Consultant to industrial, building and construction companies

Stuhr CMC is a consulting business working with a solid network of external specialists. Our network includes project managers, engineers, lawyers, economists, accountants and other professionals, all highly qualified within their fields and all with international experience.


Stuhr CMC has acted as a consultant to industrial, building and construction companies in many situations and countries – thereby gaining extensive practical experience, often in harsh situations..

‘Stuhr’ is Ebbe Stuhr: LLM (1984). As a new graduate, Ebbe gained employment in industry, working in a variety of functions, for example as an in-house legal adviser and project manager, most recently as a contract manager for A/S Storebæltsforbindelsen from 1991-98.


Ebbe’s focal point has always been working with contracts, projects and claims-related issues, including the settlement of disputes, litigation and arbitration. Ebbe has extensive experience from working in the Middle East as a troubleshooter on ‘problem projects’ and as a legal project manager in connection with arbitration proceedings. Patience and a keen understanding of cultural differences have been decisive to the positive outcomes achieved by Ebbe. As Ebbe puts it: “When asked what it is I’m good at, as one is from time to time, I always say: creating a complete overview of the situation and boiling chaos down to a few manageable issues. Which I do with a great deal of perseverance, according to others. They probably mean stubbornness.”


In 1997, Ebbe decided to set up his own business, and as the owner of Stuhr CMC A/S, he has since devoted his working life to advising some of the largest Danish industrial companies and exporters of projects.

Ebbe Stuhr

Owner and Director

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Tlf.: +45 20 99 20 96

Who is "Stuhr"?

Our core competences

Long-standing international experience


Theory is good – experience often better! We have ‘earned our wrinkles’ by working on real projects in all parts of the world. Myriads of issues have been identified and analysed, problems solved and lessons learned.

Claims are a natural part of any project. It is not always possible to foresee everything at the time of planning a project, and things tend to change. We have a solid experience with claims management, handling and the negotiation of claims from many projects.

Peace of mind when signing

Templates and standard contracts

We are not the devil’s advocate, but our clients often ask us for a critical review of contracts prior to signing on the dotted line. If we come up with three pages of comments and suggestions once a contract has been negotiated and finalised, it can be difficult to change things.

There are benefits to working with standard contract documents, and we think that standards, which are fair to both parties, provide the best starting point. We are always happy to share our experience in this field.

Psychology of negotiation

Training and mentoring

Negotiations are often about much more than what is being negotiated. People skills, the ability to read and understand the other party – or perhaps yourself. We take the psychological factors into consideration.

No matter how educated your employees are, no amount of reading can replace actual experience with contracts. Mentoring and training can therefore be a very worthwhile investment. We act as mentors for our clients’ employees.

As external consultants,

Stuhr CMC offers the same benefits

as in-house staff

Stability and predictability

We thrive on building long-term relations with our clients. We believe in partnerships based on mutual commitment. We get to know our clients’ business and vice versa. This makes it easier for us to determine our client’s intentions and the liability which the company is ready to accept.

When to call

You can request our assistance at any stage of the process:


Tender evaluation, comparative studies


Damages during execution search for solutions


Assistance in the preparation of claims - legal, technical and financial


Appraisal of claims management strategies


Pleadings: Preparation of technical, financial and contractual arguments


Assistance in the preparation of claims - legal, technical and financial


Assistance in the drafting of contract clauses, in negotiations or coaching of negotiators


Acceptance or the handing over of the works: Elaboration of strategies and scenarios


Preparation of request for arbitration or the reply to a request


Termination of contract: Evaluation of legal, financial and technical implications


Contract management: Strategies and periodical follow-up on progress


Arbitration strategy: Selection of lawyer and arbitrator

Contract Implementation

We have gained broad practical experience from

 an often harsh reality

Our areas of expertise

Stuhr CMC has undertaken project, contract and claims management in many countries and across cultural and professional boundaries

Since the start in 1991, Stuhr CMC A/S has undertaken a large number of projects for a variety of companies. We have assisted with the preparation of tender documents, tenders and tender reservations, contract and claims management, crisis project management, the preparation of arbitration proceedings, arbitration cases and litigation and provided advice in connection with contract negotiations and conciliation in a variety of cases.


We have been involved in projects in all parts of the world from Denmark, Sweden and Norway to Japan, China, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Yemen, Oman, Libya, Egypt, Vietnam, Turkey, Senegal, Thailand, Italy and the USA, just to mention a few.

Stuhr CMC’s client portfolio includes:

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© 2023 Stuhr CMC A/S. Stuhr CMC is a consulting business. We advise on contracts and contract-related issues, conflict management, arbitration cases and much else besides – we possess extensive hands-on experience in this field. We are not a law firm in the traditional sense, and we do not undertake tasks, which require a practising certificate issued in Denmark.