We have learnt a few things along the way, and we have an opinion or two:


A lack of overview is every project’s worst enemy. We take pride in simplifying matters and in reducing tasks and obstacles to one or a few key issues. Even though it may irritate our clients that they had not seen them for themselves.


We start with something as obvious as an analysis of the task at hand and the requirements and problems involved – even though our clients have most probably analyzed these already. We have to see everything with our own eyes in order to be able to make a constructive contribution.


We believe that the best results are achieved by working across professional boundaries. And we must be allowed to do so to do our job properly.


In a world undergoing constant change – albeit at different paces in different places – projects must leave scope for innovation and new and untested ideas if this contributes to progress. When we feel that this is the case, we say so. We would like to be seen as being both professional and inspiring.


Our approach is, also, about creating an overview and about thinking holistically. Therefore, we would much rather be in on a project from the outset and see it right through to completion. We can be most useful if we are allowed to present our recommendations and proposals in respect of all the factors, which affect the progress of a given project. And if we can assist the project management at all levels, at the right time and in the right way.

Straight out of the bag

Our resources must, of course, be applied constructively to make our client’s investment in us as worthwhile as possible.


Therefore, we must agree on how to guarantee continuity in the process from start to finish. And on what it takes for the process to be completed on time and within the budget.


We must agree on whether the project employees involved need motivating or additional training. And if so, to what extent.


Throughout the process, we will report openly and objectively to the management about any internal or external problems encountered and about the possible solutions we envisage.


Our clients may feel that we are putting the pressure on, in order to be able to act swiftly to tackle any problems in the early stages. Processes involving claims management are often races against time.


We reserve the right to tell the truth – as we see it. For example, about the project process to date, about internal communications or about decisions which will steer the project away from its overall objective. After all, that is also what we are paid to do, not to dish out pleasantries.

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